Guaranteed investment certificates

This is one of the safest and simplest investments you can make. You are depositing money and receiving a guaranteed amount of interest for a guaranteed period of time.

Sun Life GICs

We offer competitive interest rates (ask an advisor about our current interest rates) and other features, including:


  • Daily interest investment
  • Short-term options – 30 to 364 days
  • Long-term options – 1 to 5 year terms with a deposit as low as $1,000.
  • Flexible maturity dates – extra flexibility lets you pick the exact date when you get your money back. This is convenient if you know when you'll need the money (e.g. for a wedding, a vacation, or for a down payment on a house).

45-day rate guarantee

This lets you lock in your interest rate up to 45 days before you actually deposit your money.

Options to access your money 

Sun GIC Max, our non-redeemable GIC requires your investment to stay invested until the maturity date, but offers a higher interest rate than our redeemable option.

Our redeemable GIC allows you to access some or all of your money if you need it before the maturity date (however there may be some penalties referred to as Market Value Adjustment (MVA)).

If you choose to access money that you have deposited by cheque, we may hold your money for up to 4 business days if the amount of the deposit does not exceed $1,500, and for up to 7 business days if the amount is greater than $1,500. If you did not deposit the cheque in person, we may hold the money for 1 additional business day.

If you choose to access the first $100 following a cheque deposit, we will process your request within the same business day. If you did not deposit the cheque in person, processing may take an additional business day.